About the 1937 Ford

Welcome to the page on our 1937 Ford. This vehicle has a long story beginning in Youngstown, Ohio. It traveled to Iowa where its owner did minimal work but did buy parts including a complete exhaust, wiring harness, 350 Chevy engine, hidden hinge kit, etc. We found the car on the Internet, and immediately called the owner. We discussed some of the details, and decided that we would think about the purchase for a while. A few days later we decided that this was the car we wanted, and we once again contacted the seller, but were disappointed to find out that he had already sold the vehicle. He did offer us a ray of hope when he mentioned that whenever the new owner stopped to pick it up, he mentioned that something had come up and he did not really want the vehicle. We then contacted the new owner, who sure enough wanted to sell the car. We made arrangements, and he delivered it a week later.

The process was not as easy as it may seem from the pictures. Many hours were put into the vehicle installing things such as a hidden hinge kit, and LED brake lights. It was amazing seeing the transformation as we experienced starting it up for the first time, and seeing the final shine of the paint.

Many weekends full of hard work, and six years later, we were able to take the vehicle on its maiden voyage. With some minor tweaking, we have the vehicle to the state you see it in above. The only thing missing from the vehicle is the interior, which will be professionally installed in the near future. Feel free to take a look at our hard work in the Photo Gallery.